Kostas Liougos
Professional wedding photographer based in Greece.

Once in a while, in the middle of an ordinary life, love give us a fairy tale! This is where we step in... We love capturing real life fairy tales.

We like documentary so we leave thinks happening but we also direct a little bit . With the flair of fashion our style can be described as vintage glamour that meets contemporary. On a wedding day we are trying to capture natural magic with natural light. Our images often simple yet complex try to bring out the best in any situation and turn ordinary moments into extraordinary images. With a focus on narrative and emotion, we try to create unique stories for unique people.

We hope that through our images, the observers will dream, smile, even slightly tear-up with heartwarming memories, and who knows... maybe we succeed touching a hidden sensitive chord. Our intention is to communicate without words, to create a different perspective of reality, and through the years when you look back to your wedding photos, you are able to discover a forgotten remembrance. Based on elegance and avoiding excesses, we always pursue timelessness and uniqueness. We shoot people but we don't hurt them!